Aluminium rosinate




This is pure Aluminium Rosinate. This salt is made from Norwegian spruce resin and is fully soluble in turpentine. The salt is used as splendor-generating component for violin subvarnish for violins and other crafts. It is usually mixed with turpentine and a suitable amount of linseed oil. Drying time of the varnish depends on the temperature, availability of light and amount of oil added to the mixture.
The item is sold in a 20 gram portion. 20 grams are sufficient for 10 sub-varnishes for a complete violin. 
– Dissolve the rosinate properly in turpentine by warming it to 150 degrees. Make sure the powder is dissolved by stirring frequently.  Usually use 5  ml turpentine for 2 g rosinate.
– Add a suitable amount of linseed oil and boil together at 200 degrees for a few minutes. Stop boiling when the mixture has the right consistence. 
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